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About us

Little Britches was founded in 1979 by Peg Sweeney and Betty Lou McColgin. We are an equine assisted riding and driving program which allows people who are physically, emotionally, developmentally or economically challenged to interact with horses in a variety of ways.

Mission Statement: 

Changing the lives of people with disabilities using the movement of the horse. Little Britches improves physical strength, facilitates sensory integration and promotes emotional wellbeing. We provide recreation for a lifetime. 

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President - Janie Larson
Vice President - Stuart Daly
Secretary/Acting Treasurer - Louise Scotti
Laura Bradshaw

Tracy Creigh

Julie Dobson

Jane Donn
Laura Heaven
Melissa Johnson
Karen Wilson

advisory board

Cherri Crossley

Amanda Hogan

Susan Jordan

Susan Sieber

Paola Styron


Andrew Chin - Physical Therapist

Emily Ciesielski - Instructor

Stuart Daly - Instructor
Alice Daly - Executive Director /Instructor

Micayla Flynn - Administrative Assistant 

Liz Jaffin - Occupational Therapist

Katie Gilmore - Driving Instructor

Danielle Lucarelli - Occupational Therapist

Annalise Nakoneczny - Comm. & Fundraising Coordinator

Samantha Sola - Instructor/Exercise Rider

Linda Tutolo - Physical Therapist

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